Meet Our Founder


Mary is a native Texan from Big Spring, Texas.  She was surrounded by those beautiful country nights. 

Starting with the Basics

When she was young, Mary used to watch her mother do hair and makeup. She admired her mother’s work. Mary's mom's best friend was hosting a Mary Kay makeup group session. Mary's mom took her to it. While they were there, Mary's mom and mom's best friend pulled together to show Mary how to use makeup for the first time when she was 15 years old. Mary started with the basics while in her teens.

Leaving the Basics

Mary wore natural makeup until the day of her wedding. The day of her wedding was most important day, as it would be for any bride, however, Mary was admiring the art that was completed by two artist, her cousin-in-law who did her makeup and her mom who did her hair. Watching both ladies work their art, she was mesmerized by their artwork. After that day, Mary wanted to feel beautiful again and not having to hide who she was. Mary knew she was ready to attempt more bolder looks. However, life hit her, Mary was always on the move and kept herself busy with college and her kids. She always took notice of people's beauty and the art of makeup. She has always admired the ability a person would have using makeup to enhance their beauty and how their spirit and confidence was uplifted. She fell in love with the art of makeup. Later, after gathering much courage, she found herself wearing a full-face of makeup and growing her makeup passion once again.

Becoming a Makeup Artist

After her husband left the Navy, they moved back to Texas, where she continued to get educated in Psychology, and graduated with her Bachelor of Science. She worked in the medical and mental health field until her thirties. She took a sabbatical from field she studied, in that time she grew her passion for the art of makeup. 

The Beginning of a New Future

Mary’s older sister encouraged her to become a Makeup Artist and invested in Mary's first Makeup Artistry kit. Mary’s enthusiasm for makeup was brought to fruition. She knew she wanted to do more and to perfect her skills as a Makeup Artist, so she started attending QC Makeup Academy.


She has quickly realized she wanted people to enjoy cosmetics as much as she did. In 2019, Mary chose to start her business. She knew she had the desire to empower people through cosmetics. She is constantly learning new techniques to bring to her clients to bring their vision to life. 


"Everyone has a beauty of their own. They should express it and feel good about it."
~ Mary Morelion