Meet Our Founder

A native Texan from Big Spring, Texas.  Mary was surrounded by the country nights. In her teenage years, like many of her peers, Mary started using makeup early. In her early twenties, she married. She was always go and kept herself busy with collage and her kids. She always took notice of people's beauty. She has always admired the ability a person would have using makeup to enhance their beauty and how their spirit and confidence was uplifted. She fell in love the art of makeup. Later, after gathering much courage, she found herself wearing a full-face of makeup and growing her makeup passion. 

After her husband left the Navy, they moved back to Texas, where she continued to get educated in mental health, and graduated with her Bachelor of Science. She worked in mental health field until her thirties. She left the field for the excitement of makeup. When her sister encouraged her to become a Makeup Artist and invested in Mary's first MUA kit, her enthusiasm for makeup was brought to fruition. She quickly realized she wanted people to enjoy cosmetics as much as she did. Her desire grew to empower her people through cosmetics.

She knew she wanted to do more so she researched ways to bring her vision of creating cosmetics that would be of high quality, while maintaining affordability. In 2019, Mary chose to start her business and find her dream team to develop the formulas for the best makeup to bring to the customers. 

After many trials, Mary has been putting together products she knew could live up to her vision. Continuing to ensure that her products are cruelty-free, rich-textured and have high quality, Mary has dedicated herself to her business. Striving to succeed gave her the impetus to turn her vision, hard work and inspiration into an online store with the hopes and aspirations to bring her products and services to customers everywhere.


"Everyone has a beauty of their own. They should express it and feel good about it." ~ Mary Morelion