A Change is Afloat

A Change is Afloat

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December 23

If you have been following us, you have seen our post about the changes our company is making. We want to be able to bring great products with high quality to our customers. When we opened our store we knew the products we brought to our customers had met those expectations when we started receiving feedback from a few of our customers. 

Well, we want to continue building something that will set us apart and that our customers will enjoy. So the journey has begun….

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A call to action

In a committee meeting on December 04, 2019, about cosmetic reform, CEO and founder of Beautycounter, Greg Renfrew testified as an expert witness on the topic. Renfew stated “it has been more than 80 years since the Congress has passed comprehensive legislation that would protect consumers from harmful ingredients in personal care and beauty products. As the CEO of a manufacturer of products, I believe it’s our duty to use the safest ingredients possible.” Here at Sinsational Beauty, we agree with Mr. Renfrew. Our customers need products that are safe to wear that reduce harm to our customers and the environment.  

You can read more about the article on this topic here.

Making a difference

We are in the process of applying to receive the Leaping Bunny logo for our products. We are also looking at new packing options that would be safer for the environment as well. We have been conducting tons and tons of research to ensure our products and packaging are environmentally safe.

Em-J is a makeup artist who has been known in the beauty industry for her experience and her brand. On her website, emj-makeup.com, she shares an ingredients list for vegan and non-vegan products. We encourage our readers and customers to view this list of ingredients.

As we continue to produce cosmetics, we will do everything we can to ensure that our customers are receiving products that are safe to wear while reducing harm to the environment. As with everything, this is a process but we are hopeful for what the future of our company has to hold. 

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